The Dreamer

A bit about me, I’m a wife, mother, and I love fast cars. Particularly modern, mostly European cars, and above all Ferrari!

‘The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan’.

My goals, apart from the usual ones of having a happy marriage and raising normal children, are to own a Ferrari and to be a motoring journalist.

The opportunity to own a Ferrari will only come about when we win lotto. Hence I have decided to work on my other goal of becoming a motoring journalist.

The advice I received to make this plan a reality was to start a blog.

And You Drive Like a Woman.com was born, with the aim of becoming the website for women (and men, there’s no sexism here) who have a passion for cars to come together and to share it with the world.

I believe that more women should experience the pleasure of driving some of the world’s most high performance cars and I want to be one of the catalyst for this movement.

I’m in the process of test driving and reviewing as many of these cars for me and you. And given my love of fast cars, you can be guaranteed they will all be exciting!

I hope you enjoy reading all about it, as much as I am enjoying writing about it.

The Dreamer aka Petrol Mum – Creator, Editor, and Sole Contributor.

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